How does my Garden Grow?

It's funny how I've been wanting to post on my garden and then Sandy goes and posts the LOADED question, "Mary, Mary how does your Garden grow"? 

This has probably been my second worst year of gardening in the years that I've gardened. Yet, I'm still getting somewhat of a harvest. I suppose miracles never cease even in the gardening realm. Here are just some bullets of my gardening journey this year.
  •  My garden is not beautiful. In fact, it's overgrown with weeds because I just have not had time to keep up with it.
  • Some of the flower seeds I planted apparently "blew away" to other spots and are popping up in random places, as are pumpkin and gourd plants. I should have plenty of those this year.
  • My tomatoes are still green and I don't know if they'll ever turn red.
  • The deer have enjoyed their share of my beans and peas, however I think the beans may make a comeback, the peas are goners. They've also enjoyed my raspberry plants.
  • I have managed to harvest some lettuce and spinach, cukes, zukes and yellow squash. Some of my cukes are bitter...any solutions?
  • My corn is coming up and hopefully we will enjoy some.
  • I cooked a beet, yes, A beet, because last year they flopped and I wanted to see if they worked this year. Yes, they did.
  • My radishes flopped, and my pepper plant is not producing peppers, however it could be because the deer ate some of that too in the beginning. 
  • We may enjoy some small sunflowers, only time will tell. 
  • My dahlias are somewhat growing (I think a mole ate many of the tubers), but they are not as big and not really blooming like last year (these are new ones, as last years  rotted)
 While not my ideal year, I didn't go into it with too many expectations because I just knew it wasn't a normal year. it's been fun going out and seeing what is growing. I will garden again next year and hopefully start sooner (weather permitting). 

I love the peace of walking through my garden, enjoying the fruits of my labor! Whether it be well manicured and weed free, or chaotic and overgrown! It's mine.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. At least you are getting a little home goodness! How wonderful! We have nearly given up on our on raised beds, but if you want black-eyed peas, we are loaded!

    Love the way you presented your post and pics.


  2. This is such a great post....with fall coming up, it really is a time to reflect back. I enjoyed reading your thoughts...


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