Here We Go Again

 Well, the adventure continues in our house. We are getting ready to start the second phase of our building project. If you would like to read the journey, check out my home building category, but this is what our plan started out with. Due to some changes needing to be made, this is our new plan. There is quite a bit of posting in between, so feel free to grab a pot of coffee and read all 46 posts (I'm sure I left out some because I didn't tag them). Anyways, the new addition is quite a bit smaller, quite a bit cozier, not what we originally planned, but still cute and still a home we are excited about!
Second phase forms being laid
So, we have the foundation guys here this week, laying forms and they will pour the foundation next week. The goal is to get it dried in by winter. By then, unless God does some miraculous providing, we will be out of money and will keep building as money comes in. Which is fine, but we all just want to be done. There are still things in the first phase that need finishing...backsplashes, doors painted, we will need to go through and texture certain walls (because we didn't have them textured originally or finished out for a "flat" finish because we didn't think we needed to with the way the original plan was going to be).

It's exciting, and you'll get to enjoy the journey with us. So get ready, and if you pray, be agreeing with us for favor and provision to finish the project with a miraculous testimony.

On another note, we have our last soccer tournament this weekend, I am putting together a garage sale next weekend and I still have to order the girls school (I'll post on that separately), right now I need to go pack food for the tournament. ADIOS, CIAO, GOODBYE for now!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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