Book Review: Cut in Half; How God Mended Me With 23 Miracles

I have been reviewing books for Deep River Books on my blog and just finished reading the latest one. 

The book Cut In Half is a true story about Ana Le Roux. Shortly after the birth of her second child she was involved in a terrible car wreck that literally cut her insides in half. The book chronicles her journey back from the brink of death. Through the journey she pinpoints 23 miracles that led to her healing (both natural and spiritual). 

What an incredible story of survival, surrender, and allowing the miraculous power of God to work in her life and in her body.

Each chapter chronicles a portion of her journey and the miracles that took place during that journey.  The reader will find two sections at the end of each chapter written with the purpose of reflection. They're titled Food for Thought and Soul Searching. 

Food for Thought is meant to help the reader reflect on the preceding story. 

Soul Searching was written with the intent of making the reader a part of the experience, giving them a chance to reflect on their own life and see all the wonderful things God has done for us.

I love how she shares that miracles are not limited to strangers or "special" people but they are a reality in our lives everyday. 

She also desires to dispel myths that we come to believe; Phrases, words or cliches that we use everyday that diminish God's participation in everything we do. Words like luck, coincidence, destiny, being in the right place at the right time. 

I liked how the cover was designed and the book itself was laid out well. There were some "grammatical" things I noticed, but nothing major and I felt like for a "first" book, she did a good job. I could not imagine going through what she did.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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