1st Sale of the Year

 I did it! I went to my first garage sale of the year. Due to all the soccer tournaments in our lives, often times the weekends do not allow for G-sale-ing, which really is unfortunate because I really do love them. 

A friend of mine from church is an avid G-sale-er and I have been bound and determined to go with her sometime. Well, earlier in the week I realized that I would be home this weekend and could actually go. I sent her a quick text to see if she was available and sure enough she was. We set a time and I excitedly waited for the day. 

I scored at the first one we went to. Purchasing these two items that I really loved.
I think the snail is just too cute and I loved this tray that I think will go on my coffee table.

We hit an estate sale and I really didn't think I'd find anything that was "reasonable". I found this little number for $5. It goes perfect on this wash stand or whatever it's called. However, it still looks a bit drab...any ideas.
We had a few "misses" and drove in a few circles only to find ourselves back where we started. We happened upon a house whose lawn was that artificial stuff you put on porches...no joke...oh did we get a chuckle out of that one. Another house looked like they had spray painted "Garage Sale" on their garage but it was really a long piece of white butcher paper that matched the garage. 

I found this cute bird house or whatever it is and because I was inspired by on some blogs (that I can't remember which ones at the moment). But I plan to paint it (either black or white) and put it somewhere in my house. 

At another estate sale I found a really cute chalkboard mounted on a wrought iron stand that would be so cute for writing menus or placed outside a front entrance, but the price was very steep and the people weren't willing to budge.

For my first time out this year I'd say it was pretty successful. I even remembered to not feel like I had to buy something at every place I stopped and that it was okay to not buy something even though I kinda liked it. There will be many more sales down the road for me. I'm going to make my wish list.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I went to one sale EARLY in the season, like in mid May. Haven't been able to get back out since.

    Your finds make me eager to give it another go. Maybe I could find a friend to go with too!

    Sounds fun and great finds!

    As for your white pitcher, I have one similar and have put flowers in it in the past. Just an idea...

  2. Donetta,

    I'm planning to get some pretty flowers to go in the pitcher, and a pretty towel to go on the bar.

    I now have the itch for more garage sales, but unfortunately won't have time for a few weeks


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