It seems that our property is being invaded by some four legged creatures. This didn't seem to be a problem last year. I'm wondering if it's because this year we have not cut down our lower property. Either way, they are all over and have eaten my raspberries. I'm a bit nervous about my garden (which I still haven't planted yet because of the weather. 
I would love to hear any thoughts you might have on deterring these beautiful creatures. I've read that I should get a salt lick and put it somewhere on our property away from my plants. I've read to plant things like lavender or other plants that they don't like.
The other creatures we're seeing abounding are bunny rabbits....lots of little rabbits hippity hoppity-ing around ours and all the neighbors properties...Nan commented the other day "boy, with all these baby animals around it must be mating season"! Oh brother!! What a ham.
I'm now hoping to get my garden in next week and will probably buy some starts since I'm getting such a late start. Then I will also plant some seeds and see what happens.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. they are so beautiful! the only wild thing i see in my neighborhood is stray cats....seriously. i wish you could send those beauties my way :)

    good luck!

  2. Oh I feel your pain. For years I fought the deer in my garden. spreading human hair, spraying egg spray on the plants...

    We finally broke down this year and built a 10 foot high deer fence. So far I've kept the deer out, but it's not keeping the unseasonably high rainfall out which has rotted out some of my garden.


    Best of luck and would enjoy hearing how you are able to keep the deer away from your plants! That would help in the rest of the landscaping I would like to do.


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