Homemade frozen burritos

In our quest for healthier, less processed eating and living and trying to save money here and there, I decided to make homemade frozen burritos. My girls like when I buy frozen burritos from the store, and because I don't buy too much in the pre-packaged realm, I buy them once in awhile. But I have really been wanting to make them myself. 
 I liked knowing that I "knew" what was going into them. I was checking out a site called Label Watch which was a great website that helped you break down some of the very confusing ingredients that can be in some of the foods we buy. But it is no longer active so I'll need to find a new one.
Anyways back to the burritos. I made three types. Bean and rice (we have friends who don't do dairy or meat so these will work for them), ground turkey, rice, bean and cheese, and just rice, bean and cheese. 
I used whole wheat tortillas, ground turkey, Zataran's Red beans and rice, Vegetarian Refried beans and cheddar cheese. I realized that I didn't have chili powder to make my own taco seasoning so I used garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, paprika, salsa, and some taco sauce. The Zataran's Red beans and rice have great flavor and seasoning.
 Where I was shopping, I couldn't find "burrito" size tortilla's, so they were a bit tricky to fold. I'll get bigger ones next time. I also only made 12 because I wanted to see if everyone liked them. The girls have each tried them and were happy with them.

Place your desired fillings in the middle of the tortilla, fold in the sides and then roll up. You could wrap them in plastic wrap, but I'm not a fan of microwaving plastic wrap, so I just placed them in a ziploc bag, and placed in the freezer. You could wrap it in plastic wrap to store, and then remove it before microwaving. 
They took them out of the freezer, popped them on a plate, covered with a damp paper towel (so the edges wouldn't get hard), and cooked for about 2 minutes. A winner in their books! I've yet to try one.

These are easy, quick, and inexpensive to make. You know what is going into them and your family will like them.

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  1. Oh - I like this a lot. I will have to try it. I like the frozen burritos at the store, but haven't wanted to buy them too much for the whole prepackaged reason, too. Thanks for sharing!


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