Feeding the Family Well

Today marks the beginning of a busy fundraiser for our youth group. My hubby and daughters put in easily 12 hours every day for an entire week. I vacillate between home and the fundraiser. Last year I spent at least 12 hours a day there, this year, I think I will get a few more breaks.

One thing that is important to me during times like this (and that would include tournaments away from home, etc..) is making sure my family is fed well. By well, I mean healthy. It would be much easier to just go to the store and buy some fast food, or pre-packaged food for the week (not all bad keep in mind but out town doesn't have many healthy options), or stop at the local McDonalds.  We may on occasion hit up Subway, or I may beg for a mushroom burger from one of our "better" burger joints, but for the most part I prepare us food each night or morning to take with us each day. **ADDED NOTE** One of Nan's friends has brought Hot Pockets to eat at the fundraiser and Nan has been telling me that she "thinks you need to buy some mom"! Well, I just may accommodate her  because she does eat well and sometimes those things are fun treats, but I'm also going to figure out how to make them homemade!!
Yesterday I spent a few hours making a Pasta Salad, Texas Caviar, cookies and cutting up some melon. I also bought lots of grapes, baby carrots, little clementines, some organic tortilla chips, nuts and granola bars. I will fix up sandwiches and wraps (oh I made some brown rice for wraps or just to eat plain with some beans). Food that will keep us energized, filled and still be good for us and we'll drink mainly water (and I bought some Odwalla juices from Costco). While I'm sure there'll be some not so good for us snacks, that's okay, because the majority of what they'll be consuming will be healthy.
It is a bit more work on my part, but it's worth it. For my Pasta Salad I cooked up some whole wheat pasta, threw in some chopped broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and kidney beans, then topped with Italian Dressing (Wishbone doesn't contain HFCS). You could add cubed cheese and cubed salami as well, but we have some Vegan friends staying with us and I wanted them to enjoy it too if they wanted. I also posted this Pasta Salad Recipe awhile ago that has a homemade dressing. The cookies were Vegan as well.
 (finally got my jam and sliced berries done...they were yummy)
I know my family appreciates the time I take in preparing things for them. I know that for many who work outside the home this can seem daunting or tricky, but I don't think it's impossible, I just think it takes more planning. But I feel it's worth it.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share with you from the week....we'll see. I'll be posting a book review at some point this week.

I did get my garden thrown in and finished. The girls and I planted some dahlias as well and I also just planted a few herbs and seeds in a wine barrel on my porch. So far the deer have stayed away.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You are a girl after my own heart! Have you ever used soy flour in place of eggs for vegan cooking?!


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