Dayplanner Decision Made

Well, I've done it. I purchased a new calendar/planner. I really went back and forth and back again before deciding on something. There were plenty out there but some were just downright expensive, and others while "neat" just didn't meet my need.
 (I love the binding..I can easily fold it back. The cover is very sturdy and there is a pocket in the  back)

When it came down to it what was the most important, was having room to write, room to write every meeting, each girls individual schedules, things to-do, people to call. I love the planners that had separate sections for these things, but they weren't big enough.
(The monthly section has large boxes with plenty of room to write)

I would ultimately love to get the Busy Woman's Dayplanner. I love many pages it has and the daily page is actually what I really like. You download a digital file of either the entire planner for 29.99, or you can download individual pages (it's more cost effective to download the whole thing), but that also meant purchasing paper, a binder and dividers. I didn't want to spend that much at the  moment. I think I will plan on purchasing it next year.
 So the one I decided on is simple, but it will be perfectly functional. It's not compact so it won't fit in my purse, but that's okay, it's more important that I have space to write. It was also only $9.97 at Walmart which fits my budget just fine.
(The weekly section has plenty of room to write daily to-do's etc...I plan to get some sticky notes to use as needed)
I sat down yesterday to begin transferring some information. My new planner begins in July and boy will July be busy. It will fill up fast!
 (This was my old had a lot of room for by big writing)

Stay tuned later this weekend or when I get to it. A few weeks ago I won The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook and today I'm going to make one of the dessert recipes from that book and I'll post it as soon as I'm able. We are also looking at a streak of rainless weather, so I'm hoping to get my garden in can I get a whoop whoop!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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