I think I'm becoming obsessive. I'm not normally this way, but I think on this particular topic I have crossed over the line of rational normal to obsessive. To what have I become obsessive about? I've become obsessive over finding the perfect day planner! Not the perfect pair of jeans, or the perfect pair of shoes, but the perfect day planner. As I went to Office Depot (AGAIN), and Office Max last week, I decided then that I was probably obsessing just a bit.

I mean, good grief, does it really have to be this difficult? Probably not, but I have made it this way apparently! I know I've asked people's opinions on Facebook, and maybe even on this very blog, but I still have not found what I want. I've come close, and I may settle, but I just can't seem to find that ONE!

Most of the planners I find would be great if I was in the business world and kept track of expenses (because that's always on the page), or other "business" related things. There are others that people recommended because I homeschool and they are geared toward homeschoolers (but I don't use my planner to organize my school stuff). 

Most of the planners are monthly/weekly planners, and I want daily sheets as well. Most don't have near enough writing room. 

Most are outrageously expensive, though I'm not against investing in one.

There are a few that I've found that I think may work. Our life just continues to get busier with school, both girls playing select/premier soccer, church life (which we are involved in many things), To-do's, etc...I also DO NOT write small. 

I've found one at Target by Franklin Covey that could work, but it's a compact size, which isn't bad, but smaller than I like. It's a monthly/weekly one, but could still work.

Office Depot has one, also by Franklin Covey called Rhapsody, that is a monthly/daily planner and the daily part would actually be perfect, but the monthly part is so small it seems pointless, it's also not dateless so I'll have lost a few months, but they're 50% off right now. 

I also like the Busy Woman's Dayplanner , but that's one that I have to print, cut (if I buy a classic size) and hole punch myself, which doesn't excite me. I'm not opposed to getting the one that is 8 1/2 x 11 size, but still, a lot of ink, a lot of hole punching.

I'm hoping to get one in the next few weeks since the calendar I have is about to end. 

On another note, I just found out that I won a copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook from Giving Up On Perfect. I'm so excited because I have really been wanting a copy of this, but haven't bought it. I think I'm more excited to sit and look at pictures and read it than make the recipes, though I know I will.

Well, off to fold towels and pick up the house before the family gets home (they're off watching a soccer game).


  1. I was just over at the Giving Up on Perfect site and saw that you were the winner of the Pioneer Woman Cookbook. Congratulations!

    Know what you mean when it comes to finding the perfect planner. Good luck on your search.

  2. One of my most favorite days of the year is when I get to pick out my new planner. Have you tried the ones from Barnes and Noble? I get a student planner....because in college, our planners started on Monday, but the adult ones often start on Sunday (and I cannot get used to it).
    The student planners have lots of room and are dated weekly.
    They may not be in stock so late in the year, but you can start with August 2010 (which I realize is not very soon).

  3. Kirstin!
    Hey, I posted this last time you brought up the topic of planners...and since I posted later- I was not sure if you saw it? So please ignore me if this is repeat!

    Last fall I found the perfect planner (for me!!!). It has month (that are good size spaces) and a weekly calendar. On each week, there is a spot for to do lists, and a menu AND shopping list...that you can take out! Here is the link...the site also says you can buy them in some stores!(I bought mine in the mall calendar store) It usually runs about the same price. The thing that I was looking for was enough room to write down my weekly to dos...and I love being able to look at the monthly ones too!
    Here is the link...
    You can take a look inside!
    All the best finding your planner!
    PS-Let me know if you have any questions about the planner!

  4. I was grinning all the way through this glad to see I'm not alone in my obsession over my calendar and the way I play my days. Oh I can relate...

    Eager to hear what you find and settle on.

    Congrats on the win!

  5. Thanks for the tips gals.
    Sarah-my last one is a Student planner (more room to write), but I havent' seen any in the stores yet.

  6. Tara, I'm going to go check the link out now...thanks (:

    Donetta...glad I'm not the only one!!


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