Home is.......A Family Heirloom

 As I sat here thinking of the word heirloom I thought about a song that came off a CD I had years ago. I can't remember the words but I do remember it talked about heirlooms, things passed down from generations. 
I sat here trying to think of what, if any, heirlooms I had from Great Grandparents and beyond. I don't think I have many. We moved to the West Coast when I was young and after my Great Grandparents passed away I don't think we had anything passed down which is a bit sad since I love old things.
After my mom passed away I did end up with a few things that are special to me and I hope will be special to my girls someday as well. I also have many of her hand written recipes that I'll keep and pass along, as well as some old family photos (which I love).

My mom purchased this old secretaries desk years ago at an antique store and it was always my favorite. I love the etched designs carved into the wood. I love the glass panes and the book shelves on either side. I love how it opens up with little nooks and crannies.
We store our board games in the bottom and card games in the drawer.
The other thing I ended up with was a box of doilies that had been crocheted by my great grandma, some were never finished, but they are all beautiful. One day I'll find something creative to do with them.
I love family heirlooms and things that evoke a memory, a smile, laughter. I'm linking this post to Home Is.... Hosted by Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer. Head over and join her.

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  1. Love those beautiful doilies, especially the one on the right that looks like a flower. Those would be neat framed! I'm visiting from Sandy's party. :)

  2. thank you Amanda. I had thought of putting them in a frame, or in matted frame with multiple boxes...The flowered ones are my favorite too.

  3. I love secretary desks! We got my husband's grandmother's when she died and just have to get stationed close enough to pick it up. I can't wait to use it. I have a doily from my grandma and I am going to have it framed to hang in the guest room where we have the wedding photos of our grandparents displayed.

  4. I am wondering if the song you are thinking of is "Heirlooms" by Amy Grant?

    The desk is beautiful. How special that it was your mothers. And the doilies are a treasure too.

    I agree that framing them would be beautiful.

    How neat that you have family recipes passing down as well.

  5. Oooh, love that desk! What a treasure, and to know it was from your Mom! :) Thanks for linking up at RE today! :)

  6. You have some delightful things there. That desk is amazing.

  7. Love that secretary! It's beautiful. I have doilies like that too that wree made by Hubby's grandmother. I don't know what to do with mine either.


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