Cold Creek Coffee Winner

 I was going to get all techie and use an online number generator, but there were only NINE entries, and I think I had to pay to use the service, so I just decided to just use my own random generator. She even has a name and she's much friendlier!

First, I had to write all those the few numbers that I had on some yellow paper I happened to see sitting next to me .
Placed them in my beautiful bowl that once belonged to my mama! Shook it up good!
Then walked it over to my lovely assistant and designated Random Number Generator Picker. 
This is the number she picked (Please ignore the nail polish).......and that number belongs to Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer! Congratulations Sandy!! Enjoy!

 Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I enjoyed having a drawing, though was hoping for more entrants, it's just fun to do...maybe I'll do more!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. oh..I didn't win:)!!

    Love your blog, I'm going to follow you!

  2. We do not drink coffee, so I did not want to take it away from someone who does!! But I love your blog :)


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