Thursday Tips: Creating a SenseSational Home Part 3

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This week I'm continuing my series on Creating a SenseSational Home. Check out Parts one and two here. I hope if you read last weeks, you were able to find some way to bring more order to your home. I'd love to hear about it.

This week we begin with the sense of Sight. We must admit that to some degree first impressions by sight play a big role in how we view something. If I walk into a hotel room to find it not very eye appealing, that affects whether I really want to stay there or not. If a person comes to my door wearing all black, a hood over their head, and a ski  mask, I'm probably not going to answer the door. Sight is an important sense. So the view that people get of our home is VERY important. Remember though, it's not about perfection or having the most beautiful home, but it's what you make of it. I can walk into a home that has perfect furniture, decor, etc...and really not feel comfortable (I may be afraid to sit and curl up on the couch).

Here are some thoughts on Creating a SenseSational Home through Sight:

1. Front Entrance Appeal: An attractive front door and entryway sets the tone from what guests can expect inside. Does your front entryway leave them hoping to see more, or afraid to enter? It doesn't have to be extravagant, just clean really. Don't leave guests tripping over shoes. Add some flowers or a candle. My current entryways are not typical because this the first phase of our house so one door (the one most guests use, which is actually our back door opens to face our stairs and then they turn into the main living area, so having the stairs uncluttered and the living area inviting works. On my porch are comfy chairs to sit on.

2. Kitchen: Is the clutter to a minimum or does it look like the dishwasher blew up? The kitchen tends to be the gathering place in the home--is it warm and inviting? If it's too small to gather in, that's okay. I've been in homes where when I leaned on the counter my arm became sticky. 

3. Family Room/Great Room: is this room welcoming and warm, causing family members and guest to want to linger? Adding simple candles and throw blankets and pillows, does wonders. You don't have to have much.

4. Bathrooms: Is it clean and clutter free? Are there clean towels for your guests? Is it clean. I always do a quick clean of the toilet when guests are coming, because honestly who wants to use a dirty toilet (even under the lid). I'll often have a candle and even a few magazines. If I have out of town guests I make sure they have plenty of towels and other needed items.

5.  Bedrooms: They should be picked up and in order especially the master bedroom. Make it your sanctuary (mine is very plain with nothing really extra in it, but it is kept clean). You never know when guests will come over. If I've never been to someone's house I love to get a tour, but I don't want to give tours if I know the rooms aren't clean. 

6. When painting or re-decorating, consider making rooms flow into each other. They should have color that leads to the other or one color in common. Try to use a palette fabric to pull all rooms together. My colors all flow together for the most part, at least common walls. My girls' bedroom is bright colors, my kitchen is yellow and green and my bedroom red and parakeet green.

7. Invest in quality for large pieces and accessorize with other things you like. Who cares if it's trendy as long as you love it.

Honestly, simply picking up and adding some candles, flowers, low light or throws can change everything. 

Have fun! If you want to take time and peruse some of my past posts you'll find more pictures of our home.

These ideas are meant to inspire. They are not a measuring rod to your success or failure as a mom and housewife. They are tools we can apply to make our homes more warm and inviting.

The above pictures are of my back porch (where main people enter our home). I tried to find pictures from Christmas but couldn't find them. The top picture is our home two years ago when we had a crazy, amazing winter (2 feet of snow...we NEVER have that much snow...I'm so glad we had moved into our home a month before that.)

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Sight is such a huge one! IT's why though I always like my entry picked up and tidy. People randomly stop by all the time!!

  2. I completely agree! It even helps me feel more at ease if things are picked up and look tidy. If things are messy, I can feel my nerves get ready to snap! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love this post!!! Its so true!


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