P31 Gal Revisted

Wow! What a day! I'm just now finding time to sit and write this post. Our  lives are hitting "crazy busy" mode and this mama is having to put the pedal to the metal. As I sat down yesterday I realized that my current calendar/planner (which I like) is just not going to cut it anymore, so it is time to upgrade again to something a little more organized and structured. My hubby looks at me like I'm nuts. "You have a computer and an iphone which you can sync together....why not use those." I can't explain it, but for me there is something about the written in pen/pencil thing that just works for me. So I'm on a quest to decide what I want. I've used Franklin Covey, I've used At-A-Glance and several others over the years. 

I think part of being a P31 gal is knowing how to organize our lives and what works for us. If you are organized, life for everyone in your household will just run smoother.

This week we look at vs. 13 which says this....she seeks for wool and flax and works eagerly with her hands.

The Contemporary Version says....and with her own hands she gladly makes clothes

Okay, I'm sorry ladies, but these hands do not "gladly" make clothes....they don't make clothes period!! Does that knock me out of the running for P31 gal of the year? I highly doubt it! Were I to be living in that day and time, I probably would be making my own clothes. But I'm not, and I don't, and that is okay by me!

So, if that's the case, then how can this verse apply to those of us who do not know how or choose not to sew our own clothing?

Let's break it down a bit:

Seek = look for, search out, take initiative

work = bring forth, fulfill, to be engaged in a physical or mental activity in order to achieve a purpose or result, produce something

Wool & flax = in the days of this gal, these two items were the best there was and had multiple uses. In our day and time even the woman who sews may not use these items, but may search for materials that will hold up well and serve the purpose for which she's using them. For the woman who doesn't sew, these could represent shopping for the best we can find for our families within the budgets that we have.

hands = represent power

eagerly = other translations use the word willingly. Either way it is meaning that what she does, she does out of desire, joy, passion, not out of duty or grudgingly.

So.....Out of love and a desire to serve her family well, and produce an environment of peace and provision for them, she looks for, searches out and takes the initiative to use her time and resources in the best way she can. She finds things of good quality (she knows what is best for her family because she's researched it out) at the best price she can.  She is not afraid to go on a hunt to find what she wants or what she needs. She is a resourceful woman.

Now, I am not against buying something for full price  anywhere. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm also not against finding a great bargain. I do both. Personally I'd rather find the bargain because I can get more. However, I will not buy something because it's inexpensive, if it is poorly made and is not going to serve my family well. I love shopping at Macy's (rarely do) and I like shopping at Walmart. When I shop for food it takes me several hours because I'm searching out the best prices, foods and items for my family. 

I'm also into researching on the internet to find out what the best items are to buy, or to eat. I'm always looking for newer and healthier recipes.

Think about ways that you use your resources and time the best that you can. How are you serving your family in this area?

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hey Kirstin! Not sure if you are still looking for a planner? https://www.familyorganizer.com/products.aspx

    Amy Knapps planner is awesome...has menu/grocery list for each week that you can tear out. Monthly and weekly calendar...a huge plus for me. You can take a look inside when you go to her link.


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