I HEART Faces is having another great challenge this week. It's SMILES! What better theme is there than that! Check out all of the other entries.

The photo I chose to enter is one of my two daughters and my youngest niece (on the far left). I love this picture because I see so much how they all smile alike and how much they love each other, and how happy they are. I love these girls.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Very sweet! They are all so beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful girls, with such beautiful smiles!! Great photo Kirstin! I wanted to thank you for stopping by, and commenting on mine ... and I'm loving your blog! =) We are working at eating healthy, and you've got some great thoughts, and recipes, on the subject, especially those black bean burgers! Never heard of black bean brownies, though! We're working on a more plant based diet, but we love our fish and chicken, every now, and then! You have a great day, and thanks again!

    ~ Deborah <><

  3. Gorgeous picture. The girls are so pretty. I was looking at this and thinking back to how long you and I have been blog buddies (three years!) and it seems so surreal at the changes in your girls over the years. You are blessed without a doubt.


  4. What a pretty capture of your beautiful girls! A keepsake, for sure. Love the glow on the side.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. cute picture. They are so happy together. Thanks for stopping by my blog . FeedSackcooking.

  6. Lovely! Gorgeous girls and I love the beautiful lighting.

  7. THank you everyone.

    Jennifer...I know isn't it crazy to watch each others kids grow up via bloggy land (C: I said that to Sandy from Reluctant entertainer when I met her a few weeks ago (about her kids)


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