Home Is.....Wearing an Apron...Because you are a messy cook

 Apron ........A protective or decorative garment worn over the front of ones clothes either from chest or waist level and tied in the back. 

Can I get an amen sisters! Protective! That would be my word for the use of an apron. I have always been known to be a somewhat messy cook, always getting something on my clothing. My counters are messy when I cook, my clothes end up with flour, spaghetti sauce or something else on them. Aprons are my protective arsenal.
An apron for me has mainly been for the use of saving my clothing and not for a beautiful decorative purpose. I have only owned three aprons (and they covered everything). One year about 6 or more years ago, my MIL made my girls and I matching Winnie the Pooh Christmas Aprons. They were so cute and the girls loved them. We wore them into the ground. I then acquired my moms apron (she only had one) after she passed away. Then last year I purchased a really cute Christmas one. 

I really never thought of Aprons being used for decorative purposes (I'm sure she uses them for protective purposes as well), until I met Sandy. The girl has some seriously cute aprons, and she wears them so well. It gave a whole new meaning to wearing them, or even wanting them

I'm still pretty sure that I'd only use the waist ones for......well, I don't know what for....what do you use them for? 

My shirts would be destroyed if I used them while cooking!

I still only have two aprons, and I still mainly use them to protect my clothing, and they're not really cute, frilly or fun, but at least I now have a new appreciation for them and their uses. One day I will buy a really cute one, maybe even from the Hip Hostess.

I'm heading back over to Sandy's place to see what others use their aprons for!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Yes, I think you need to win one! Or buy one (you won't be sorry). So fun.

    Thanks for linking up today, friend!

  2. I agree...get one! :) This was a cute post!

  3. Great post....love it

    Had a few hours to blog hop tonight......so glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....


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