Home Is....A Wonderful Find for my girls....and For Me

I love finding great deals. I admit that I don't hit garage sales as much as I'd like (I hope to change that this year though). I also love the Home Goods store and Ross, Goodwill, even Good Friends who have something to part with, or anywhere that gives me amazing finds at great deals!
I'll show you a few things I have found that I really like.
 I loved reading Sandy's post today because oftentimes I see an item and think "that is so ugly". I don't take time to see past the ugliness to see it's potential. I wonder how many treasures I've passed up over the years.
 Over the years, especially when my girls were young I'd find books, puzzles, games and clothes. Now, it's usually things for the house, or books for me!
Head over to Reluctant Entertainer to see what other people have found.

Photos: top to bottom...1) When we were first building our home my pastors wife asked if I wanted these chairs. They were stained at the time. I added some white paint and really like them alot. 2) I found this vase at Ross (it had a slight crack) so I think it was only $4. 3) Before we moved, there was a garage sale at the house accross the street from where we were living. This desk was $20 and I knew it would fit perfect in the girls room...I still haven't painted it, but oh well. 4) At the same sale, I found these really cool bowls for $4. 5) I bought these two chairs over 7 years ago at a garage sale...perfect when the girls were smaller. The table that came with it died, but I decided to throw some paint on them and just use them for decor here at the property. 6) I found this old wine barrel in a barn at my inlaws property. My FIL cut it in half and reinforced it. 1/2 for me and 1/2 for my MIL. It belonged to her father, and still smelled fermented when he brought it to me.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love the story of your wine barrel. What a nice father in law!

  2. Kristin - thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comments! I love the idea of just storing pretty bottles in the rack - I think that idea is a winner!

    Love those white chairs and your wine barrel. I def need to get out to more thrift stores!

  3. Love all your finds! I used to have a wine barrel like that... with flowers! Not sure what happened to it.

    I had to learn to look "beyond" something to find a creative way to use it. I still struggle at times, but ... I still love a bargain! :)

    Thanks for linking up at RE today!

  4. I love the wine barrel with the flowers, we used to have one in our yard when I was a girl!

  5. You found some really amazing stuff. I am going to get my rear in gear and start garage sale hunting again. I love Goodwill and Ross's too.

  6. You have some great finds...I find I never look at anything and think that's ugly...now it is always "what can I do with it to make it better?" I am just loving Home is...


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