I think I have decided that the weekend is almost an impossible time to sit and post to my blog. And in all reality our weekend includes Monday since that is my hubby's day off, since he is on staff at our church we don't really consider Sunday a day off. 

I really need to be doing dishes right now, but dinner is in the oven and hubby is at soccer practice with the girls. It is beautiful outside so I decided to set the oven timer and head out to the back porch to enjoy the coolness, blue sky, birds singing and shoot off a fast post.  

What's for dinner, you ask? Chicken pot pie with whole wheat biscuit topping! Let me tell you, my fridge and cupboards are very bare! I was going to make salmon but had no veggie to go with it, but I did have a bag of mixed veggies set aside in the freezer for pot pie, so that's what we're having. 

Dinner has nothing to do with this post, and posting has nothing to do with this post. The FINALLY in this post is that I FINALLY got to meet Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer this past weekend. You see, she lives about 5 hours south of me and over the course of the time that I have enjoyed her blog I've thought it would be fun to meet her. We discovered that our daughters love soccer, and her daughters games often brought her within driving distance of me. Then my daughter's team joined into the same Premier league as her daughter and that brought me to her actual town once last fall. HOWEVER, it has never worked for us to actually meet. Schedules conflicted, sickness hit, it just has not happened. 

Last week she mentioned that her daughter would be playing about 35 minutes from my home so I looked at the calendar, skipped exercising that night with some friends and my girls and I headed out to meet her and watch a great soccer game! I have some friends  who own a coffee roasting company, Cold Creek Coffee, so I called them the night before and asked them for some fresh beans so that I could bring a little gift to Sandy (I never think to do these things and I thought of it and just had to do it...of course Nan said "mom, you should have gotten her a cute coffee mug too" time Sandy). Our drive to the fields took us to a part of town that I had never been to so it was so much fun to drive along the river, look at the very BIG houses and trendy shops (noted to self....go take a walk there sometime).

We arrived a bit early to the fields and found the team, but Sandy was not in sight. The girls made me look up her picture so they knew who to look for. I finally spotted her and can I tell you she is just as beautiful and sweet in person as she seems to be online. We watched her daughters game and chatted the whole time about this and daughters hardly said a word...funny how shyness kicks in so unexpectedly. It was only an hour but for me it was such an easy conversation and like we were old friends catching up. Then when I drove away I smacked myself in the forehead because I hadn't thought to take a picture of the two of us. Then my eyes got scratchy and burning and lasted that way till we got home. Weird!

I have enjoyed the two opportunities I've now had to meet in person those my hubby calls my "imaginary" friends! I hope for more opportunities in the future!  

Off to do those wonderful dishes now! Toodles!!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I Love Sandy! How fun you got to meet her! She's a sweet gal! How nice of you to bring the coffee beans, I bet they smelled wonderful. :)

  2. Stopping by from UBP! I enjoyed learning about you and visiting your site. What a great opportunity!


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