Fear To Freedom Day: Press Release

 I wanted to post this press release put out by VMI publishing because I was very touched by the story. I have not read the book yet, but the below press release was enough to convince me. While I myself have not been a victim of sexual abuse, I do know a few  people who have been, so please take some time to read the below exerpt.

Tomorrow is April 28th Fear To Freedom Day
Renewed Hope, Restored Self-worth and Redeemed Joy For Victims

Sisters, Oregon, April 27, 2010-Burdened for so many women that have been crushed with fear from an experience with sexual assault, Rosemary Trible has been speaking across the country about her own dark journey with fear that began in December of 1975. That was when she was violently raped at gunpoint after hosting a television talk show on sexual assault in Richmond, Virginia.  In her new book Fear To Freedom (VMI Publishers, February 1, 2010), she shares her passion to walk alongside victims encouraging them that whatever has broken their hearts – whatever has stolen their joy - that the cycle of fear can be broken and that their lost joy can be found again.

As April is recognized as sexual assault month, we would like to make tomorrow, April 28th, Fear to Freedom Day. Rosemary, the wife of former Congressman and Senator Paul Trible (R-VA) says, 

“I believe we do not have to be trapped by the grip of fear but can find freedom to move from victim to victory. Like bacteria that stays in the dark only grows, but dies when it is brought to the light, it's time to bring this terrible crime into the light and empower women to stand up for the voices of many who have kept this secret deep in their hearts.”

The statistics are frightening – 1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime and 1 in 33 men.  Half of those will be 18 years old or younger, and college age women are four times more likely to be raped. However, less then 6% of rapist ever spend a day in jail! Trible states, “I have come to believe, a man who rapes you does not want to destroy you for a day, but destroy you for a lifetime. They place that dagger of fear deep in your heart that continues to haunt you long after the physical pain is gone.”

Calling on our nation, Rosemary asks us to unite on April 28th in saying enough is enough. It is time to offer renewed hope, restored self-worth and redeemed joy for victims. We can uphold one another tomorrow so that this terrible brokenness does not leave a person in depression, a loss of self-esteem and fear. Rosemary closes by saying, “He (the rapist) wins if we let a sexual assault destroy our lives, but each day we live with joy in our lives, we win. I hope you will join me in “taking back the joy” that has been stolen and help victims to begin their journey from fear to forgiveness to freedom!”

Please help make a difference with us and other groups (such as Young Life, and RAINN-Rape Abuse and Incest National Network) by broadcasting this message or by posting this to a blog tomorrow on April 28th.  We are hoping to gather 100 Fear to Freedom stories of people who have overcome being sexually assaulted and are willing to share with others the healing they received to empower others so that they too can break the chains of fear. This can be done anonymously by emailing Rosemary (Rosemary@feartofreedomjourney.com) OR you can enter your story on the Facebook Fan Page -Fear To Freedom on the discussion board. Also a group has committed to pray for each of these individuals for the month of May.

To learn more about Rosemary Trible visit her website at www.feartofreedomjourney.com
To book Rosemary for an interview please contact Rhonda Funk at Bring It On! Communications Phone: 541.549.1139 or Email to: rhonda@bringitoncommunications.com

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I am grateful you referred to my book Fear to Freedom today! Yes I am so passionate that those who have suffered abuse of any kind can move from being a victim to victory in their lives. After hosting a television talk show on sexual assault and then being raped violently by a man who had seen the show, my own lost hope was redeemed. I thought I would never be normal again.

    You mentioned you had not read the, book but I appreciate your sharing about my story that others can be encouraged. When we run from our fears, they will run after us! I am joining so many women as "sisters in silence" that it is time to be a voice for those brokenhearted.

    Isaiah 61 has comforted me, "He came to heal the brokenhearted - to give us a crown of beauty for ashes - the oil of gladness for the spirit of despair - that everlasting joy might be ours."

    Loved the Lemon Poppyseed Cake recipe! Looks delicious. Also loved your Joy UNquenchable!!

    Rosemary Trible


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