Creating a SenseSational Home: Part 5

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We've been talking (reading) about creating homes that appeal to the 5 five senses.  

~Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste~

It doesn't matter if you live in an apartment, a dorm room or a house. 

It doesn't matter if you rent or own. You CAN create a SenseSational Home. 

This week the sense we focus on is SMELL! 

Who doesn't love walking into a home that smells amazing. Whether it's dinner cooking, cookies baking, or candles flickering. We are attracted to scent. On the other hand, we can also be repelled by scent. Burnt popcorn, wet dogs, musty furniture. I have walked into many stores and immediately been repelled by the scent that greeted me. I have also walked in and been in heaven because it smelled so wonderful.

How can we create a SenseSational Home through Fragrance?
  1. Invest in candles, scented oils, potpourri, room-fresheners, etc. Consider using floral or fruity scents during warm seasons, and spicy or woodsy scents during the cooler months.
  2. Keep on hand lamp rings for a quick infusion of fragrance into any room.
  3. Use neutralizing sprays and unscented candles to get rid of unsightly smells, especially in the kitchen
  4. FYI: Vanilla reduces stress, lemon wakes you up, peppermint enhances your concentration. Pine and cedar soothe you, rose and myrrh make you feel romantic. Lavender and Chamomile make you sleepy. Research shows that some scents can sweeten sour dispositions and even reduce aggression....who knew!
  5. Grow Herbs: Fresh herbs are also a great way to add fragrance to your home and very easy to grow. Miniature lemon trees can also be grown indoors.
 Some Other Things to Consider:
  • Not everyone will enjoy the same fragrances you enjoy. I know that personally I do not like rose, lavender or many floral scents. I love them outside or from the actual flower, but not candles or room spray. However, if someone has those fragrances going in their home, I don't mind. That's what they enjoy.
  • I will at times think about my company and light a "neutral" type candle fragrance. I also take into consideration some who I know are actually allergic to certain candle scents (go figure).
  • If you are lighting candles at the dinner table, make sure they are unscented. You don't want the smell of the food to mix with the candle.
  • Be careful how many candles you light of various scents, they can mix and either smell "weird" or be overpowering..(I've been guilty of that one)
  • If the weather is mild, throw open a few windows to bring in a fresh outdoor smell.
  • If you live on property (like I do), close the windows when you are burning on your burn pile..nothing like the entire house smelling like a campfire!
  • Place a small saucepan on the back burner with some water. Add orange and apple slices, some cinnamon sticks and cloves. Simmer for a wonderful smell.
  • If you're putting your house on the market bake a loaf of bread or cookies before potential buyers show up...

What is your favorite way to bring amazing fragrances into your home?

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Great Ideas! My very favorite is when I can open the windows and let the fresh outdoors smell in! Thanks for linking up!


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