Book Review: Jungle Breezes: From Amish Farm Boy to Jungle Doctor

I recently finished reading the book Jungle Breezes: From Amish Farm Boy to Jungle Doctor, by Dara Stoltzfus. What an amazing story of the life of Elam Stoltzfus as told by his daughter-in-law Dara.

The story chronicles Elam's life from the time he was a little boy living on his family's Amish Farm. Even at a young age, he knew there was more to his life. He knew that God had more for him that went beyond the Amish community. He began questioning the beliefs of the Amish as he grew and eventually left the community, married and began his life as a missionary in Guatemala.

The book is written out of several stories that the author heard the family tell over the years. When a story was told the author would go running to her computer to jot it down. Eventually a book was formed. 

As Elam and his wife Barbara began to prepare for their work in Guatemala they realized how much their upbringing in the Amish/Mennonite ways prepared them for living in such rugged situations.

I found the book very interesting, informative and eye opening. I enjoyed the pictures at the end of the book as well as on the front and back cover. The cover was very eye appealing and the description on the back was descriptive, thought the wording was a bit tricky to read over the pictures. 

I thought the book was very good and well written, though a bit long, especially because the writing was so small and not as spaced out as the average book. The author speaks a language that is engaging and takes you into the story. I would recommend this book especially to those with a heart for missions and those who enjoy reading the lives of the Amish. 

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  1. Hi. Today was the 1st time I ever thought to do a search to see if anyone's "reviewed" my book and this is what I found. Thank you for such a kind review :) I shared it on the Jungle Breezes book page then on fb...


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