The Black Bean Escapade....

I cannot believe that I forgot to share with you the Black Bean Escapade I had a few weeks ago.
Escapade---an act involving excitement, daring or adventure 
The word Escapade definitely fits the bill when describing that weekend. Let me start at the beginning. 

We have friends who are Vegan (for the most part). My family and I are always on a journey of eating healthier so my sweet friend "A" and I were talking about making homemade black bean burgers. We set a date for a Sunday after church. 

The week before I was perusing some blogs and found Angie's Blog where she posted a recipe for Black Bean Brownies. When I mentioned this to "A" she asked if I'd make them when we got together for lunch. "Sure!" I chimed in. Later that week I had the thought "what in the world am I thinking.....we are going to have a black bean overload!" But I decided to make them anyways.
Sundays are pretty busy for us and because I was going to experiment with not one, but two  new recipes I decided to make them both on Saturday.

The recipe for the burgers I originally found had eggs in it and since my friends are vegan I hunted down a recipe without any. I printed a few I had found online and then just combined ingredients from each of them. Here's a link to the original recipe
Nan helped me make the burgers and I ventured into the brownie realm all by myself. When Sunday arrived, we were ready to go. I was so busy getting things cooked on Sunday that I never took pictures (how do some of you gals do it....take pictures while cooking with people over....). 

The burgers were wonderful (probably could've cooked them a bit longer so they were more firm), and I was told I should have made more! 

The brownies were good as well, though you cannot eat them and expect them to taste like a normal brownie. They have a very strong cocoa flavor. There are so many recipes out there for Black Bean Brownies I'm sure I could find one that was just a bit better. The frosting's secret ingredient was avocado's! Yep, avocados! You couldn't even tell.
We enjoy trying new things at our house. On a side note...while I look like I'm frowning in the pictures, I really wasn't. Hmmmm....note to self....try to smile when picture is being taken.

Stay tuned sometime this weekend for a post on entertaining those with special diets. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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