After Blog-Party 2010

Boy, where I have I been? I didn't know there was an After-Party. Of course I've been super busy this weekend and haven't had time to blog. I helped throw my Mother-in-Law a 65th birthday party, had soccer games and tryouts and today tended to a sick little girl (who I am waiting to fall asleep on the couch so I can fall asleep on the other couch).

I found so many fun blogs through the UBP. Three of my new favorites would be:

Adventures of a Somewhat Crunchy Mom: I've enjoyed her posts. She's a fellow homeschooling mama.
The Blessed Nest: Oh my word...she has so many amazing ideas. I'd like her to come decorate my house.

Grammy Girlfriend: She seems like a sweet gal and posts are so heartfelt.

If I wasn't so stinkin' tired, I'd write more, but I think my little on (10 yrs. old, but my youngest) is finally sleeping so I'll try to sleep!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I really enjoyed finding all of the new blogs during this blog party, too.

    I'm doing a week of blog awards from the party and left you an award on my site.


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