31 Days Living Inside Out: You are excellent

Well, today got away with me and I didn't have time to write a post. Instead I worked, went and got a manicure with my girls and did some other things with them...much more important than writing a blog post. :) I was looking back at some past posts to see if there is something I could just repost, and I came across this series I started several years ago and realized I never finished it...I may need to do that sometime soon...so I will share with you what I wrote in regards to vs. 10. 

I think the post speaks for itself so enjoy! 

 Today we start looking at Proverbs 31, and the woman who at times has had us all wanting to wring her neck. Come on, admit it, you've at least thought about it. I chose the above picture because they are the feet of some of my favorite gals (and me). 

There's nothing to worry about though, I believe this gal looks different on each one of us, and we all have the potential to wear her well, wear her uniquely, and wear her confidently; IF we do not try and put on someone elses version, but wear our own. 

Let's do something first. Let's take off our un-realistic expectations of perfection. Let's take off our mindset that says it has to be a certain way. Let's even take off a mindset that has us thinking that we don't quite measure up, and, please, let's not be "religious". Our Daddy is the King of Kings and we are princesses who are meant to walk in royalty and have fun in the kingdom! You are that Proverbs 31 gal, you just need to come into agreement with that reality!

Okay, here we go.....

vs. 10 says...Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.
Rubies are very rare. I just read that in 1988 a 16carat ruby was sold at a Sotheby's auction for $227,301 PER CARAT....that is $3,636,816.000. They are priceless and highly treasured. Because they are so rare that when new sources are found it is very exciting news in that trade. So what do we know about rubies? They are costly, rare, priceless and beautiful.
  • Virtuous = having or showing high moral standards, moral excellence, 
  • Capable = having power and ability, efficient, skillful, accomplished. 
  • Precious = of great value, costly, highly esteemed...
"who can find a woman of excellence, a woman who is efficient, skillful and accomplished, a woman who knows that she is powerful! She is priceless, beautiful, highly esteemed and of great value, even more than the most rare ruby."

Proverbs does not say this woman is non-existent, it just says she can be hard to find. 
To me this woman uses whatever she has and who she is to her fullest ability. She is not a woman who lets people control her, or is a controller. She walks in such a way that everyone around her is elevated in their status because she is a woman who walks in honor, who is so confident that she has no problem making others successful. She is powerful (not in a control freak way), but powerful in that she is not afraid to try new things, she is confident in her ideas and thoughts, confident in her skills and abilities. It's okay to be powerful!

She is a woman who walks in grace, mercy and peace. Her words bring life to all those around her. 

What are some things you are efficient at?

What are your skills?

Do you know that you are valuable?

What do your words speak?

What are some areas that you need to come into agreement with?

What are some areas that you could use some sharpening in?

Remember, it's not about perfection, it's just about being the BEST YOU, you can be! It doesn't mean that you have to know how to do EVERYTHING, but what you do know how to do, you do it well. It means that you are willing to try new things, learn new things and encourage others to do the same. 

Some of you may have been raised to think that you weren't good enough, could never measure up or amount to anything. You may have been or are in situations where you feel hopeless, like you don't matter, or you'll never get out of the slump you're in. Maybe you're at risk of losing your home or job. It's never too late to change your thinking. To stop agreeing with lies that have been spoken over you or that you've chosen to believe. It's never too late to stop letting the natural economy dictate your attitude and life. Today, you can change your thinking and you can begin coming into agreement with the fact that you ARE a P31 gal!

I could go on and on, but instead, just stop, go to the mirror and declare the above paraphrase over yourself...say "I am...." and then finish reading the verse. Come back next Friday as we continue on.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kirstin,
    This is my favorite verse and because of this, Ed chose rubies for my engagement ring. Thank you for posting this and I look forward very much to reading more of your blog!



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