More Actions....I Left Some Out!

 Oh my goodness...I was looking through the actions I recently downloaded and realized that I had left out several. When downloading them I had to download the .atn and .ping files for them to work. I have no idea what those are, I just know that if I don't copy and paste both, it is not in my effects box in Photoshop. So I am going to torture you more with a few more actions.

Again, I didn't really do any adjusting to the levels, I just wanted to see how they looked as they were. 

This is the original picture of Kat. It's actually not too bad! Adding actions just spices pictures up a bit. I can't wait to play with layering actions and adjusting levels. Hmmm, it might be hard to get other things done. 

 Colorized...I really like this one
Dim the Lights... 
This one seems a bit dark...maybe if it's layered or adjusted I might like it more.
 Heartland...I really like this one
Seventies...I really like this one
Sunshine...I really like this one, but it's one that I'll play with the levels on

With Joy UNquenchable,


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