Home is a Delicious Scent: Fresh Baked Goodies

Home is...

Home is.......A Yummy Scent of Fresh Baked Goodies...

 I love all scents in my home, whether it's created from candles, fresh flowers, or wafting in from the kitchen. I feel like when my house smells inviting, I and others feel more relaxed, more apt to curl up on a couch and just enjoy the ambience.
I remember one time several years ago I had lit a caramel candle. My dear hubby came home and was so excited because he thought I was baking cookies. I felt so bad, I believe I made him a batch.
So while I enjoy all scents, I believe my favorite is the scent of baked goods, whether it's from a candle  or from my kitchen, I just love the smell.
I love when people walk in my home and comment on how good it smells. When we were selling our last home I was told to bake cookies before potential buyers came to view my home, not to share the cookies, but to fill the house with a homebaked smell. 

Head over to visit Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer to see what scents other people fill their homes with.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. You're killing me girl! YUMMY scents and I'm hungry :)

    Abby's supposed to try a cake for Easter today ... that will smell delish! :)

  2. I'm with Sandy- the food pictures are about to do me in! I've heard that tip about cookies helping to sell a home, too!

  3. Oh..does that look good and I bet it smells good.

    sandy toe

  4. This is not so good for a diet! Oh my I just want to head into the kitchen now! I do agree, nothing is more welcoming than the smells of yummy goodness from the kitchen.

  5. Your pictures look mighty tasty and the goodies probably smelled incredible too! Nothing like baking to make the home smell good!!!


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