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Almost a year ago hubby bought a pressure washer at Costco. Saturday he said he needed to return it because it wasn't working right and could I please find the receipt. Normally, I don't have too much of a problem finding receipts. I am fairly organized, apparently with the emphasis on FAIRLY! I thought it would be easy since we had just done our taxes and all the receipts from the previous year were in one place. Or so I thought. After what seemed like hours of looking, I could not find the stinkin' receipt. I looked everywhere imaginable and began looking in un-imaginable places. Then I resorted to completely pulling out both file cabinet drawers and going through EVERY file (because, I could have had some momentary lapse and put it in the wrong place). Well.....still no receipt. I'd say the dog ate it, but we don't have a dog. Sorry hubby, no receipt. BUT, Costco being the amazing place that it is took it back and let us exchange it. If I've never said how much I love Costco, I'll say it now; I LOVE COSTCO!! In fact today we planted more of the bulbs I bought from there, but that's another story. Looking for that darn receipt brought me to a realization. I need to go through my paperwork and organize...better! I say better, because like I said earlier, I am fairly organized. However, there is always room for improvement. There are things in those files that I just don't need anymore. I think I will do a series of posts on organizing, though I know there are many out there more organized than I. I for one do not feel good when things are in chaos, and while my house and files are far from the chaos that I have seen, for me, they need to be worked on. My goal for this week is to get the file drawers organized. I realize too, that when just a few things are out of place for too long it feels messy and chaotic to some degree. Now, trust me, I have balance here...I am not a psycho cleaning lady who can't handle anything out of place, but certain things have a way of making things look messy and chaotic and it bugs me. Ultimately I want to purchase some new and colorful file folders and hangers, but that may need to wait. For now I will simply purge and better organize. Stay tuned for more updates, and maybe, just maybe, there'll be something you can try. If not, you can just shake your head and wonder what took me so long! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Organizing papers and receipts is such a huge job. I admire you for tackling it. I have folders for each year and just combine all ours into one. Not very efficient, but at least they are in one place. I will be interested in seeing what you come up with,. Ideas are always needed around here.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. I go through all of my files each year after our taxes are done. I file the previous years stuff in a box and label it, and in the attic it goes for a few years before its destroyed.

    My husbands only complaint is I tend to shred the reciepts too soon. I'm working on it, but I hate papers laying around. So this year I made a file for misc. receipts. I hope it works.


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