Changes and Decisions.....

I don't know what it is, but this morning as I looked at my blog I decided I needed a change. I was tired of how it was looking. Cluttered, busy, whatever! So I went to the opposite extreme. Simple, clean lines, not so busy. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it. For now it works. Like the changing seasons, sometimes we need to make simple changes to everyday things. Like my blog template. I know it's not as fancy as someone elses, but it's mine! The other day I moved things around on my kitchen counter, trying to make it more efficient. I'm not sure I'm done yet as I may move my baking items over one cupboard so they are directly above my Kitchen-Aid mixer. Another simple change! The other change I'm contemplating is with my oldest daughter. It's a not so simple change. She is in 8th grade...she's an older 8th grader. I missed the cut-off for 9th grade by 3 months. I wish now that I had moved her up a grade when she was younger. I didn't because that would put her and Nan who is in 5th grade, even further apart in grades. However, now, she wants to skip 9th grade and enter H.S. as a Sophmore. Her main reason is because all of her friends are now in 9th grade. She wants to participate in the Running Start program at our local Community College and wants to start when they all start. She could do it. She tests higher in almost every subject. If that's the case, that means she will work through the summer to make sure she is caught up and knows enough 9th grade material to skip the grade. I'm totally for her doing this, but part of me doesn't want her to. There is much to consider. A not so simple, not so easy change. This all leads me to realize I need to do some research..subjects for the summer...what she will need to take next year. I was so disappointed that Alpha and Omega does not have LifePac for Mac. I thought the Computer Literacy pac looked great, only to find out since we have Macs, they won't work. Oh Lord, help me! I would love to hear what others out there do or have done. I'm still planning on doing some posts from some old writings I'd found a few weeks ago. Those will begin soon. I used to subscribe to a newsletter called "Heart and Home Keepers". I loved the articles I found within it's pages. Here is an excerpt that I found especially inspiring.
"A house refers to a structure that provides shelter for the people who live there. I am not so much concerned about the type of building materials or the size or location of your house. Of far greater concern are the people who inhabit a particular place, and how they are growing in their relationships. I believe it is the woman of the house who, more than any other person sets the tone in the home. It has been said that the home is where we, as women, live out our inner lives. Remember, where you dwell is never just a house---but a home. And the woman, for the most part is given the responsibility to create a home that is comfortable, pretty and kept moderately clean and tidy"
Isn't that soo good? Let that whet your appetite for what's to come! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kirstin, it is Spring cleaning around the BRK too. Cleaned up the blog and made it mine again and now working on the real BRK my kitchen then on to the rest of the house. Change can be good!

  2. I always read through Google reader, but I happened to click on your blog last week. So I had to come back to see the nice!!


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