Book Review: Disrupting Grace

 I recently finished reading a book entitled Disrupting Grace by Kristen Richburg published by VMI Publishers. 

Within the pages the author opens up her heart and her life to the reality of an adoption that didn't turn out with the happy ending that they expected. She is so transparent that you feel her emotions as though you were going through them with her.

Here is an exerpt from the back cover:
Often we hear stories of adoption and happy endings, but what about the adoptions that don't work out? What are families to do when despite all efforts, their child isn't thriving, and the rest of the family is coming apart at the seams? Isolated families are running out of hope, battling pain, experiencing grief and the loss of a dream....
Disrupting Grace describes Richburg's journey through mothering, and relinquishing an adopted child, and how through that experience, her shallow and small understanding of grace was enlarged and forever changed.
Everything about this book drew me deeper into the pages. The cover was beautifully done.
Being one who has experienced adoption (one of my brother-in-laws was adopted by my in-laws at a young age) and knowing the joys and heartaches that can accompany it, I can see how not every story always has a Fairy Tale ending. I felt her pain and "guilt" of deciding to relinquish her daughter, yet saw that it was the only way to "save" this little girl and her own family from sinking to the bottom of a pit. 

The author did a great job relating the story in a way that really made you feel as though you experienced it with her. I found myself asking "could I do that?" Sometimes the right choice is a very hard one to make.

The back cover of the book gave a wonderful description that truly made you want to read more.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. so true....adoption has many depths of emotion....i've been through many of them. i going to see if my library has this book. thanks for sharing.


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