Spring wants to Spring!

We were so spoiled the last 4-5 days with beautiful springlike weather. Blue skies, temps reaching into the 60's and plant life beginning to burst forth with new life. It was a bit deceiving however because it was certainly cold enough to remind us that winter was still here. Saturday and Sunday we sat in the beautiful, yet frigid, windy, cold watching soccer. I will take that over rain any day. Yesterday hubby and I had the day to ourselves since our girls wanted to spend the day with their grandma and grandpa. I love my inlaws!! We had dentist appointments and then went to Costco. I came home with 8 blueberry bushes and 3 bags of bulbs (heurchera (sp?), astilbe, and hosta's). I cannot wait to get them planted. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and washed and vacummed our very dirty car, then walked around with my camera catching signs of spring. We have not done any landscaping and so the only thing blooming on our property are some narcissus that I had received last year and then put in the ground when they died. Oh, and my daylilies are coming up. This fall I hope to plant some bulbs to come up next spring. I'm ready for spring. I'm ready to start thinking about my garden. I need lessons on composting! My neighbor came and told me he could probably till my garden in a few weeks, but it's not dry enough yet. I love the thought of spring and all of the new life that is bursting forth from Creation! I'm not sure what kind of tree the above leaves are off of, but they are off our property. My raspberries are getting leaves, as are my lilacs. I love the reminder that out of dormacy...dormancy...however you say it...come newness of life, and often times in greater abundance. My neighbors Forsythia. He gave me a start a few summers ago, but it didn't take. Maybe he'll give me more. Another thing that didn't survive were my dahlias. The ones I was able to dig up and store, were moldy when I checked on them the other day. I mourned their loss. I love dahlias. My daylilies, also given to me by my neighbor...they have not died...Hallelujah! I love daylilies too. I just love plants and flowers.
Pretty Narcissus
My costco purchases. Cannot wait to get them in the ground. I now need to do some research on planting and caring for them. I hate buying things and having them die. I cannot wait to visit many sites this spring and see what everyone else has going on!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh I know how you feel! We have been so anxious for spring down here! We had a taste over the weekend (it got up to 69 on Sunday!), but has been in the 30's ever since. Maybe spring will be here soon enough and we can all celebrate! =)

    Keep warm at your soccer games. Our season begins in two weeks.



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