Happy Valentines Day

First off...I hope you all had a great day today. You know, I have decided that sometimes when you have kids, certain holidays, such as Valentines Day just don't transpire like they did before those darling children came on the scene! Such was our day! BUT...first we'll backtrack. Kat invited some friends to come over tonight to play games and watch movies, so we decided to make some yummy cut out cookies. They are called Best Butter Cut-Out Cookies and my mom made them for years. I like them better than sugar cookies because they are not quite as sweet. I will post the recipe tomorrow. Kat loves to have people over and she loves making food and delegating food out to people. I think she will be a great hostess. She already is a great hostess. At the moment there are 4 girls plus my two playing a game called Mau (I do not know how to spell it), it is weird, I've played it once and will never play it again! I just don't get it. But I love having these girls over, they're amazing! So...Kat set out to make cookies...I will say that she was a bit emotional so I left her to make them herself. Sometimes that just needs to happen! She did a great job and later appologized for her emotions.
Letters that will be used for the initials of those coming.
And hearts because, well...it was going to be Valentines Day!
Yummy! Amazing! Frosted cookies. Tender, buttery, sweet (but not too sweet)! She had a wonderful night. With Joy UNquenchable,


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