Early Valentines Present

I have been biting at the bit all day wanting to get on here and post, but, ALAS, I've been battling technology. In a good way. Let me begin.... Two years ago I was thoroughly blessed when a friend gave me her year old macbook. She rarely used it because it didn't meet her needs. It was exactly what I'd been wanting. I loved it...and that is an understatement. Recently I've been itching for an upgrade (not to mention that when we are home, EVERYONE wants to use MY computer. It is the only one in the house that is wireless). This was getting slightly annoying. Now, I'm one who can be content with something for years and years, even if I'd like the newest version. Trust me...right now I'm itching for a new Nikon D5000. My Nikon D50 is 5 years old at least. HOWEVER! In the last week I have encountered 4 people (friends) who have gotten new macbooks. I was happy for them. Very happy! Because I love mine. Yet, somewhere deep inside there was that nagging sensation that "I WANT ONE TOO!" Or was that my girls, after playing with the photobooth on someone's Macbook and warping themselves into unrecognizeable shapes and laughing hysterically, began to tell me on more than one occasion "mom, you have got to get a new computer!" Ummm....okay, sure girls! WELL! This story gets good. About a week ago, my hubby went with two friends to help one buy a new laptop. Prior to that he had begun asking me questions like; what size screen I preferred, what color I like. At first I found it odd, but thought he was just inquiring for this friend or just wanting to know. Over the weekend he informed me that on Monday he wanted to go to this new Mac store he found because I'd think it was cool. Oh, and by the way, bring your computer and programs and any questions you might have, he says. I'm thinking, oh, sure! Let's go to the Mac store so I can torture myself! Monday morning arrived and hubby, our two girls and myself head out the door. We walk in the door, and yes, I think it's a cool store! We walk around looking and he then takes us by the computers. He says, "this is where their laptops are". AND THIS IS WHAT I SAW....... SURPRISE!!! This is what I viewed on the screen. I was speechless! The employees in the store were loving it. Now, this isn't my computer (the employee who wrote the note wasn't sure which was going to be mine) Now before I introduce you to my new baby, let me tell you that the story continues. He added that he had also purchased an imac and a used Macbook for Kat, and Nan would get my old macbook. WHAT!! We were all slightly flabbergasted. Kat said "dad, remember, I show my emotions on the inside". She was excited. You see, all of our computers are pretty old and we had been talking for about a year in regards to getting our girls their own computers. They homeschool, they use computers for a lot of things. This whole journey began when he was looking for a computer for the girls. Then He felt like he was supposed to get me a new one and give my old one to the girls. He had been researching my new computer when he went to the Mac store with our friends. There, he was able to buy all three computers for the price that he was researching mine for. We then purchased a wireless printer/copier since our old copier was very old and dying, and would not work with our new computers since I had lost the install disc. Now introducing..... My baby! A Macbook Pro. I love it! I haven't had much time to acquaint myself with it since I've spent the last day and a half setting up everyone elses computers and the printer. But now I'm able to sit down! We are in technology heaven. Some people like motorcycles for toys. We like computers and techie stuff. I'm thankful for my hubby who thought of me and our girls. This will greatly help things around this house. No one will be fighting over the computer, no one will be able to say they couldn't research a school project!!! I'm off to play. I will put up a post tonight or tomorrow telling you of our adventure with our Swiss guests. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Awww! How very sweet and very cool! Have fun with your new toy :)

  2. What a great guy! I think you better keep him! :)
    And enjoy the new Macbook too!


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