A Day at the Mountain

What do you do when your teenager (who cannot drive yet) wants to go snowboarding with a friend (who also cannot drive)? You pack up a bag and head on out! That's what I did last Monday. The kids had a day off of school and Kat really wanted to go snowboarding. She has not been able to go all season and this was a great opportunity. She found a friend who was available to go so we made plans. Sure there were other ways I could have spent the day, but I love my girl and I love blessing her. We were going to head to Mt. Hoods Timberline Resort. It is 2 hours from our home! Thankfully the weather was absolutely amazing and beautiful! The girls got settled, I took several pictures and then found a spot to plant myself for several hours. We packed lunches and snacks. I packed a few books and my computer. I went up to the main lodge where I was able to get on the internet for a few hours and then spent time reading a good book. The girls had a blast and thanked me several times for taking them. On the way home we made a stop at Wendy's for some dinner and then headed to Fred Meyers on a search to find some shoes (they were 60% off). Kat called hubby to see if she could get some Converse hi-tops instead of other shoes she was looking for. He said she could and he also said her friend could get a pair. Now the cool thing was that just before she called hubby, we were looking at the shoes and her friend saw a pair and said "I so want those". Then minutes later, hubby told Kat to let her friend get a pair. Very cool....very God! It was a very enjoyable day for everyone. Today we are having "Linner" at the home of some special friends. I'm off to make an Apple Pie and the girls are going to make some Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Have a good day and enjoy some pics from our day at the mountain. The main lodge at Timberline. Most of the slopes are below the lodge so I wasn't really able to get any pictures. I took some of the girls on the bunny slope.
Kat is in the turquiose pants!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It looks like so much fun Kirstin! That is one thing about living in the south...we do not get to ski and snowboard unless we drive for hours. The resort is just beautiful and I know the girls appreciated you taking the day for them. Your pictures are great!

    Have a wonderful weekend....


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