Book Review: Revolve 2010

I was excited to receive the Biblezine Revolve to review. I've seen them often in my local Christian bookstore and always wanted to buy one, I just never did. I can honestly say that there was not one thing that disappointed me about this book/magazine. I read it from the perspective of parent and as a teenager, and found it very relevant and enjoyable. I also showed it to my two daughters ages 10 and 14. They both loved it. Here are the things we liked. Easy Translation: Revolve uses the New Century Version which is especially easy to understand. Also within the book are verses put in "texting" lingo, which is very cool (though I have no clue what they say). Celebrity Profiles: Various actors and actresses are profiled throughout the pages which definitely grabbed my daughter's attention. They were ones that they were very familiar with and so they enjoyed reading about their lives. Biblical Profiles (goodbook)..kinda like facebook. Various biblical characters are profiled in a setup that looks like a facebook page. Words To Live By: This section highlights a scripture and then provides a practical application. Think about it: Gives a scripture verse and asks a question for the reader to "think about". Also strewn throughout the pages are articles relating to: Dating, Fashion, Friendships, Health, Self-Esteem and much more. There are quizzes, question and answers, profiles, and other highlights. The fonts (colors, sizes, variety), colors (as in backgrounds for articles), artwork and just the overall look is fun and trendy. By no means do I think the articles are a substitute for talking with our teenagers about the topics covered and I wouldn't necessarily say that my approach is the same on all of the topics, but they are great conversation starters. In fact we had a conversation on "organic" clothing and food as a result of one of the articles. I did feel that they did a good handling the topics they covered and they were very well rounded. I would definitely recommend this book. Thank you BookSneeze for allowing me to be a Book Review Blogger!! I love it. With Joy UNquenchable,


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