WFMW: A Game that draws us together

I love playing games. My family (hubby and two girls) loves watching movies. Oh, they'll play games with me but not as often as they'd love to watch a movie. We finally found a game that everyone is more than willing to turn the TV off for and play, and play for hours. It's also a game that regularly finds friends at our house late into the night to play with us. A few times we've had to say "sorry, not tonight", because it's not uncommon for our games to go till midnight or later. The game? Settlers of Catan! I've heard of this game from other friends and several months ago we were taught how to play it and decided we really liked it. Even our 10 year old could play and is actually getting quite good at it. Settlers is a strategy game where your goal is to build cities, settlements and roads. The person who receives 10 points first wins. It teaches trading, strategy and um...patience! The board looks like the above picture. Too bad I haven't taken pictures when we've played. It is a game that we are all drawn to. As we play with one another and with friends there is laughter, conversation and of course competitiveness, but it draws us closer and it Works for us!! **ADDED NOTE: I will add that this game is not cheap, it runs around $45-50.00 (we won ours at a New Years Party). When I'm ready to buy an expansion set (Seafarers of Catan, etc) I will either buy it on ebay or wait till Thanksgiving sales and find it half price somewhere. I also recommend buying the Extension for 5-6 players. The main game is for 4 players so if you want more to play you need to buy the extension. Ebay has great deals on the games so they are a super place to look. Head over to We are That Family for more tips With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Great timing on this post! Just yesterday, I wrote about how our family enjoys games and asked for ideas on new ones to try. I hadn't heard of this one, so need to check it out.

  2. My husband is a board game lover, and just received a new one for Christmas...Settlers of Canaan, the Biblical version of Settlers of Catan. We really enjoy it even though we also liked the original a lot.

  3. Hi! I hopped over from WFMW, because I saw the name of the game. We love that game at our house too. It's also the easiest game for my husband to turn a movie off for too. We only have the original game, no expansion packs yet, but it's so much fun.

  4. We love this game! We actually made some friends when we moved because we discovered a mutual interest in Catan.
    Another fun game is Carcassone.

  5. We love this game! We played it for the first time at Thanksgiving last year and went out and bought the game and the expansion pack soon after! We've played every weekend for a year now!! Until I read your comments, I didn't know they had a biblical version. We are thinking about trying out the themed expansion packs (seafarers etc.)

  6. We have been playing this game since our years in Bible School and love it. We try to make converts to each new location we live in so make sure we have a supply of players! :)
    We have the expansions, and heartily recommend the Cities and Knights expansion. We almost never play plain Catan anymore. We have the Seafarers as well, but for the cost, the Cities and Knights is a much better game and well worth the upgrade!
    Got sheep for wheat?

  7. Thanks for the tip. I love board games.

    I got a new one for Christmas called Ticket to Ride, which is also a strategy game. The object is to build rail lines across Europe. So far, everyone I've played with thinks it's really fun.


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