Works for me Wednesday: Bar Keepers Friend

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A few weeks months ago I bought new pans. I noticed after a few uses that my pans had some spots on the inside. I wash them only by hand and dry them immediately so I knew that the problem was probably from the water that sits inside them during cooking and also from the food itself. I had read that certain foods could leave marks on the bottom of the pans.

My new pans...which I love by the way.
My solution to the stain issue: Bar Keepers Friend. I found it at my grocery store and it was very reasonable to by so I thought I'd give it a shot. It works great. They have cleaning products for your cooktops too(which I'll look for next time I shop). They have one that is specifically for cookware but I couldn't find it at my store. I want the look of my pans to last for awhile so I know taking care of them is a big deal.

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