I'm Baaaack!

Well friends, it has been a long road. Longer than I thought, longer than I wanted; but the wait is over and I now have internet again at my house. The installer was here today for about 3 hours getting us back up and running. I think I love my internet company! As I type, I'm sitting on my own couch in my own house! I can now take my time posting instead of having to hurry in order to get done before a meeting starts or before I need to get something else done. I taste and smell FREEDOM!! I can't wait to get back to regular postings, regular visiting with all of you in bloggy land! I have so many recipes to post I can't wait to share them with you. All that will have to wait though. I do have some things to get done and I must stay disciplined and not spend all my time online. Tonight I plan to sit here and work on a digital photobook I'm making for my hubby's grandpa. I'm almost done but it has been taking me forever because I can only work on it here and there when I'm at the church, and there I'm usually interrupted or distracted. Goodnight for now! With Joy UNquenchable,


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