Works for Me Wednesday: Exercise at home...My favorite Workout DVD's

It has been awhile since I've posted here. Since we haven't had internet at home, it's hard to get on somewhere before WFMW closes. I need to lose weight, and even more than that, I NEED to exercise. I was going to the gym with my hubby and we'd work out for an hour and then come home and get ready for the day. That was all well and good except that often by the time we got home everyone else was waking up or I was trying to get his stuff ready for work. Which left NO time for me. So I revolted and said no more gym. I'll exercise at home. Now, that takes discipline because at home there are so many other things that can pull my attention. Unfortunately I haven't done much the last month because I've managed to throw out my back and get a nasty cold that lasted 3 weeks, but I have purchased 3 DVD's that I really enjoy doing...actually 4. I want to share them with you! I've added links so you can go to Amazon and check them out yourself. 1) Biggest Loser Cardio Max....I'm telling you, just 20 minutes of this and I was sweating. There are 3 Levels that you work up to...each one adding an additional 10 minutes, so that eventually you are doing an hour workout if you want.... 2) Biggest Loser Power Sculpt...Same thing....prepare to sweat. All plan is to alternate. 3) Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred...This too is excellent, though I'm only on the first level. Again, 3 levels of difficulty. 4) Denise Austin Get Fit Daily Dozen... what I like about this one is that on days when I'm pressed for time...this is only 12 minutes from start to finish...and you feel it. 5)...okay I have 5. The last one is a stability ball box set that I bought at Costco for $22. I like it alot. I also have 3lb. and 6lb. weights that I use as well as an exercise band. I am on vacation right now and when I get home I plan to go at it full bore!! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love the 30-day Shred, as well. What a workout!!

  2. I am here from WFMW. I had to check out what the favorite exercise video was. Since I just heard about Zumba, I was curious to see if it was that! Thanks for the info on these videos.


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