Florida Vacation Part 1....St. Augustine

One place I really wanted to visit while in Florida was the town of St. Augustine. It is about an hour North of where my family lives and the oldest town in the United States. I mentioned it to the girls and they knew all about it, that always makes a homeschool mom happy. The day we visited however it rained the entire time we were there which did put a bit of a damper on things and we didn't see as much as we would have. Nor did we linger and meander as we might have had it been dryer and warmer. I felt like I was in the Northwest! BUT....the town is quaint (the historic district that is....St. Augustine is rather large) and I fell in love with the architecture and old brick roads. I will warn you now...there are lots of pictures following. But enjoy.
The above pictures were taken outside the Fort Castillo De San Marcos. You can go to this website and get all sorts of information on St. Augustine. We did not go in the Fort because everything costs to get in, and it's not cheap!
Nan thought these palms looked liked pineapples. She got poked in the head as she got close to it. She is the biggest goofball!!! One of the cool things about this town is that everything has a plaque giving some type of story. Nan took time to read many of them. This one was in a little square and was of Ponce De Leon.
Hubby and Nan doing their own re-enactment. She was so bummed because the day after we were there they were going to be doing a re-enactment of Paul Reveres "The British are Coming"
The architecture in the town is so neat. I wish it hadn't rained because I would have loved to meander more slowly. But, alas, I do not like rain and getting wet so we hustled everywhere we went. These were taken outside Flagler College and the Lightner Museum. Kat said the college looked cool and she would go there....hmmmm a little too far away for me. GELATO....if you have not had Gelato, you absolutely must. It is an Italian Ice cream that is sweet, rich and creamy...but with less fat than our regular ice cream. I loved how "pretty" it looked in the containers. There was also Sorbetto...which apparently is a version of Sorbet.
The oldest wooden schoolhouse in the United States. The woman in the top window scared me when I looked up...but don't tell anyone.
Very cool water wheel!
The "I'm cold, I'm wet, I want to go back and play with my cousins look"
These trees were soooo cool. All twisted with moss hanging down.
Just loved the looks of the tables and chairs and the colors of the shutters. All of the side roads were old brick.
Hubby and Kat had contests of who could handle the hottest sauces. Kat got up to 9 out of 10.
Love the old buildings!
This coffee house was featured in one of my Travel Magazines so naturally I wanted to try it out. I wasn't disappointed. My White Chocolate Caramel Mocha was yummy. It could have been a little hotter bu still very good and what a cute little shop! If you are in central Florida you really should visit this town. We are thoroughly enjoying our visit with family and we just started our week of Disney yesterday. The girls had a blast and I went on Splash Mountain for the first time....twice!! I did get wet and it took me all day to dry out, but it was fun. The evening parade and fireworks were beautiful and hopefully I'll post on all that later..I wish I had brought recipes with me so I could do some posting but oh well. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures - what a quaint town - since we are closer to Florida, we may have to pop over there sometime.
    Oh, and a white chocolate caramel mocha is SO up my alley!


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