Christmastime is Here!!!

Right now I'm sitting in sunny Florida. Yah, no sun today. It's raining! I just left the wet Northwest only to be greeted by the rain of Florida. I'm waiting for hubby and the girls to get up so we can head north to St. Augustine, but I'll post on all that later. Right now I wanted to get a post up about our Christmas Tree Hunt and decorating. I love Christmas. I love decorating. I love going to get a beautiful tree. Hubby's been trying to talk us into a fake one, but we are revolting and saying "NO WAY JOSE!!" We have a wonderful friend whose parents have a tree farm that we've visited the last few years. My favorite tree is a Noble. Mainly because it holds my ornaments so well. They tend to be a bit spendier, but that's okay. They're beautiful. We headed out last Saturday morning, driving 20 minutes to the farm, piled into a friends truck. First we stopped at Starbucks so the girls could get hot chocolates and then we were on our way! You will have to forgive the order of pictures. I always forget what order they load in. We arrived at the farm and were greeted by our friends family. They pointed us in the right direction of the trees we were looking for.
Kat looks real thrilled here. I think she's just watching the guy cut the tree down.
Our chosen one! And perfect it was!!
This is Brandon. He's a good friend of our family and well, we love him alot.
Told you I was backwards! Headin' out into the field of trees!! When the sky is clear it is a beautiful view.
I just love Christmas! I suppose it is my favorite holiday. As I'm here in Florida and I'm hearing my aunt and grandma talk about how much they love to decorate and I remember how much my mom decorated and how much she loved it (when she was healthy I swear her home could be in a magazine), I know where I get it from. I get a thrill and a joy in decorating my home, my tree and just creating an atmosphere of peace and joy. I love ornaments, but honestly I don't buy things for my house that often. The majority of decorations have been hand me downs from my mom. Last year my tree was decorated with ornaments that had been around for 16 years. They were seriously on their last leg. So this year I saved up and bought some new ones from Costco! I love them. I did have a few more boxes from a few years ago that I then used to decorate around the house.
(new ornaments from Costco)
I plan to post pictures of more decorations later....and I cannot wait to see what you all are doing to your homes. I know of a few of you who go all out and I love looking at your homes!! With Joy UNquenchable,


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