Christmas Re-cap

Here's hoping you all had a memorable Christmas. I know a few who had some bumps along the way but that happens right? We make the best of it and move on. I am simply tired from all the festivities. We hosted the majority of them which I thoroughly enjoyed I'm just plum tuckered out! We had several people over for dinner and games on several different evenings and really enjoyed the time of fellowship with friends. Oftentimes we can get so busy with all the other stuff going on that it's next to impossible to get together with people (even though we see them several times throughout the week, it's just not the same). Christmas Eve arrived and we went to my hubby's parents to hang out , play cards, put a puzzle together and watch Christmas shows for the day. That evening everyone came up to our house for Clam Chowder and more games. The girls have decided that their new tradition is to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpas on Christmas Eve and stay up till the wee hours watching movies with Grandma. So off they went. I finished getting stockings ready and prepping things for the meal on Christmas Day (Babyback ribs, potatoes, salads, rolls). Christmas morning dawned and I crawled out of bed at 6:00am to start cinnamon rolls. I was horrified when my feet hit the kitchen because I realized that I was out of yeast and no store (in my little town) was going to be open at that hour. YIKES!! So I called my MIL and sure enough she had some. I hopped in my cold car without at coat on and drove the 2 minutes to her house to get some. I would be history if everyone showed up and there were no cinnamon rolls. Despite that one set back, they turned out awesome! We then gathered in the living room to open gifts. I love my girls. They are always so appreciative of what they get no matter what it is. I know alot of their friends get a lot more and have a lot more spent on them but my girls genuinely appreciate anything. They did get most of what was on their lists, but believe me...their lists were not outrageous. We talk with them about what we have to spend (especially if it's a tight year) so that they're prepared. I was amazed at how much on their list was "need" oriented instead of "want" oriented. Afterwards we headed to grandma and grandpas to meet up with my BIL and his boys to open their presents as well as grandma and grandpas. We stayed there playing games, snacking on goodies and enjoying one another. I headed up to our house early to prepare dinner. The kids came too so they could play the new Super Mario for the wii (I think I'm addicted). All in all it was a wonderful day! Saturday we had company again for light finger foods and a hoopin' hollerin' game of Phase 10! The other game we were addicted to was Settlers of Catan (borrowed from a friend but now on our list to buy). It's the end of the weekend and I am truly tired of food!! Next week I get back on track with exercise. My internet company is telling me they are waiting for a new dish to try on our house. Pray it comes soon! I miss the connection with everyone and feel as though I'm writing to myself (C: Off to a birthday party!! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Awww, sounds like a wonderful day!!!!

  2. I enjoyed this post. I am so tired of the festivities too and I didn't do half the things you did.

    We love games and puzzles, so it sounded to me like you had some fun with both. I haven't tried Super Mario for the Wii, but I heard it's totally addictive.

    I laughed at the picture of you running out in the cold, no coat, into the car and over to your MILs for yeast. Thank God she lives close enough for you to do that.

    Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. I think as the kids get older they ask for more things they need. We too have to watch it around this time of year. It seems everyone is happy in the end no matter what. It's just fun to open something.

    Right now I think I will go check out some of your favorite cooking blogs.


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