Last night while waiting for my cough medicine to kick in I decided to post from my phone to my blog. I mean, I had time and I had my phone and I WASN'T sleeping!! Well when I hit send my phone immediately sent me 8 confirmations that my post was successful. "That's weird" I thought. So I head over here to check it out and lo and behold it posted my entry in 8 separate posts in no order whatsoever. You would be required to have the gift of interpretation to read it. After deleting every entry, I tried again, only to have the same thing happen, so I deleted again and gave up. BUT since I took time to post from my phone, I'm just going to copy to my computer what I took the time to post last night. I'm at the church waiting for the girls to call me. on..... Previously attempted post: I seriously think that all attempts at posting are being thwarted (and last night proved this true). Everytime I've gone to post while I'm at the church something has come up that has kept me from it. It hasn't helped that I've been sick for the last week with a nasty cough and now a mondo humungous cold sore....Botox anyone? Cause that's what I look like! A bad inection of Botox. Kat and I have spent the last week on our couch and chair in the living room because we keep coughing throughout the night! Oh, these are the times I wish my internet at home was existant because I'd get a lot done while NOT sleeping. Soooo once again, I haven't posted in days. Recipes lie waiting to be shared, updates are slowly slipping my mind (my intention to write posts when I think of them and publish later hasn't happened....anyone know of a good, free, offline program that works with a Mac and blogger?) So now I'm sitting on my comfy chair waiting for the cough syrup laden with codeine to kick in so I can sleep! Tomorrow I'm bringing a new mommy and her sweet hubby a chicken pot pie! I'm making two so we can enjoy it as well! I love blessing others with a meal! My hubby asked me the other day why I keep getting asked to bring meals when there are so many others who could do it....I said probably because they know I enjoy it and I'm a good cook (nothing wrong with admitting that ladies). I've been on the receiving end of some meals that while I know were good intentions, they were not good. This weekend is Kat's birthday party. 14 girls will grace our I crazy? I think so. A scavenger hunt through town is planned as well as floor hockey at the church. Dinner will be Teriyaki chicken kabobs with rice and salad. For dessert, fruit with my yummy fruit dip and chocolate fondue. Breakfast will be costco muffins! There you have post from last night. I did finally fall asleep. My sleep has been very restless and not good at all. It hasn't been good. The pictures above of Kat were taken at our recent conference during a prophetic Art workshop! The bottom pic is of the girls with Kat's peanut butter pie on her birthday. Well, I feel as though I could just fall asleep! I think it's time to go home and make some serious coffee!! Doctors appointment will be made for tomorrow to make sure that it is only a cold and maybe have them give me something to help me sleep! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh - you poor thing. Colds (and nasty ones at that) are no fun. Hope you feel better soon!
    How is phase 2 coming?


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