Hello....It's Me

But not for long....I am hanging out in my hubby's office on a youth group night because my throat is sore and I'm just tired of talking. I could go home, but ummmm we're having meatballs for a snack tonight and I really want some because I didn't make dinner (I was shopping all day...for food...to make dinner). Plus I can go online! Kat and I have been fighting a cold. I have been fighting it for a few weeks and it really kicked in last night and today. She and I slept together downstairs in the living room, she on the chair and I on the couch! Tonight we are loading up on Nyquil (we didn't have that last night). I was so tempted to knock us out with some codeine laden cough syrup that hubby took for his pneumonia but I didn't cave into the temptation. Instead, it took us a few hours to fall asleep. Then of course the two of us were up by 8:00 and Princess Nan slept till 9:30 (would have slept longer had I not woken her up). Kat went and played indoor soccer today and then the three of us girls went grocery shopping. I love being with my girls. We got to the store and we all just wanted to be done so I'd send them off with a list of things to find and when they'd come back and find me, I'd give them more! Cut our shopping down quite a bit. Tomorrow is Kat's 14th birthday. She has requested Turkey Burgers and Peanut Butter Pie. I plan to make homemade rolls. Her party will be next week with about 15 of her friends...oh I better be feeling better by then. I have a few more recipes to post but I don't think that'll happen tonight or even the rest of the week. We have birthday dinner and then a conference this weekend at our church, as well as Nan's final soccer game and soccer party (we're doing potluck style and I'm making enchiladas). We also have a friend who is going in tomorrow to be induced so I will be bringing her a meal next week...Chicken Pot Pie.....and I'm making two so we can eat it as well. I also picked up two whole chickens so I can make some chicken soup!! Wish I was having that tonight. We are officially re-designing the second phase of our house. I like how it is coming together. We just really needed and decided that we wanted to cut down on the size a bit, for financial reasons and also so that we wouldn't be required to have a sprinkler system. I think we have almost been in our home a year next week!! Wow did that time fly. I can't tell you how much I love being in our own home. Well I'm going to head out to eat some meatballs and then head home to go to bed. I'll chat with you all soon. (above picture was taken at a lake near our home) With Joy UNquenchable,


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