Goodness! I've been trying to sit down to write a post everytime I've gone to the church this last weekend and it just has not happened. I've got 3 recipes I've wanted to post as well as just updating you on life!

Everytime I go down there something happens that keeps me from it! Grr!! I'm hoping I will be able to today because along some posts, I need to make and order some photo collages for Nans soccer team!

So hopefully in the next few days I'll get something up!!

I actually have been going online and visiting you all, though a few times I've had problems commenting. I also have been going back and reading some of my old posts. That's been fun! There's some good stuff...LOL

Well posting from my phone is annoying so I'll say goodbye for now.


  1. I think we are going through the same hectic lifestyle right now. With kids and hubby traveling, blogging and visiting others ahs become my little get-away. I'm looking forward to seeing your recipes. You always have a good one!


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