Oh My WORD!!

Can I just say that I don't know how this post will turn out. It will probably be completely and utterly random babbling. Why? You might ask...or you might not...but it's because I went to the dentist today and now have a headache, and because I originally started this post two days ago only to find out that it didn't save and I lost everything I had written. So I'm a bit frazzled and empty headed to really write logically (as if I do that anyway). See the yummy dish to the side? I made this quick and yummy meal last week. I bought some turkey Kielbasa at the store. Everything else came from the garden. I sauteed some onion in a pan, added some sliced red potatoes and let it cook for awhile. Then I added the kielbasa and allowed that to cook (actually I added the kielbasa before the potatoes). After awhile I added the zuchinni and yellow squash as well as some diced tomatoes. I put the cover on the pan and let it heat through. What a warm comfort food type meal. It was a hit and will be made again. Last Saturday was mine and hubby's 17th Anniversary. We spent it mostly apart! Nan had a soccer game at 11:00 and Kat at 12:00, followed by Nan, Kat and I driving 5 hours to Southern Oregon because Kat had a game on Sunday at 10:00. Hubby stayed home to be at church on Sunday. The drive to Southern Oregon was very long to say the least. Ten hours of driving for an hour and a half game!! But the girls did great and played well. I had internet at the hotel and decided to post on my neglected blog. But alas, it didn't save! Southern Oregon was beautiful and sunny. The team ate at a Bar & Grill called The Brick on Saturday night. Good food but it took forever to get it and we didn't return to the hotel till 9:30...everyone was tired and no one slept great. Sunday morning we packed up and headed to the fields. The girls were playing on turf (which our girls are not used to playing on...it's so much faster than grass), but it was an exciting game and we tied 1-1. The girls and I ate lunch at Hometown Buffet and stopped off at the Harry and David store....so much fun stuff to look at. We then hit the road for home! Hubby bought me some beautiful flowers and the Taste of Home Cookbook sold at Costco (picture to come later...I forgot to load it on the computer). Friday I spent much of the morning out in the garden cleaning it up a bit. It is looking terribly sad and honestly I'm ready to be done. Life got so busy that a week or two of not weeding really made a difference and now it resembles a jungle. I pulled out many of the larger plants that I felt would hinder a rototiller. I'll wait till a frost kills my dahlia tops, then dig them up and till the soil under. I'll put the garden to sleep till next year. Overall I'm happy with how things turned out. I picked the pumpkins and cornstalks and decorated the porches!! Love them!! I just wish my stalks were a bit taller...while I'm thinking about it...how can I put 3 pictures across in a post. I've seen other people do it, but have no idea how... The internet company we were using is working on getting us service again. Hopefully within the next few months I'll be up and running from home. I would love to use the internet more for school but just cannot not make it work at the moment. There are always so many things I want to write about and you'd think I'd write them down, but I don't and I forget by the time I get around to getting online. It's hard to believe we've been in our house almost a year. Time flies! Still much to do, but it'll happen as time goes by. See I told you this was random....a picture of my pantry....someday it will have cupboards and shelves that match my other cupboards, but for now they're just boards. Yes, I know it's very empty, but what can I say. I just wanted to show you my baskets and my canned goodies. I know they're not as glamorous as others, or as stocked but this is how it usually looks unless it's the day I shopped. I also took pictures of the girls for soccer. I took them of Nan's entire team, and then just some of Kat. So life has been good. I've tried to visit you all now and then, and hopefully when I'm up and running at home I'll be more consistent, more "theme" oriented and back in a groove. Now I must head home to the family and take care of my headache!! I will probably think of something I forgot to mention when I shut the computer down...I think I'll start a blog journal! With Joy UNquenchable,


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