I Have a Few Minutes

At the moment I am sitting in my hubby's office at the church while Kat is in a Children's Ministry meeting upstairs (she helps in the nurseries). I just finished painstakingly uploading, editing and ordering pictures for Nan's soccer team that I took. Eighteen girls with several wallets all the way up to 8x10's ordered. I was almost done with the cropping when it closed on me and I had to start all over. I am praying they all turn out and look great. What a beautiful fall we are having. I say that now because it was absolutely amazing today. Sunny, warm, just what I like when I have to be outside at a soccer game. Kat and I enjoyed 45 minutes of church before we had to head to the other side of town for her soccer game. Their home field is in our town (whoo hoo) so we don't have far to go for home games. Afterwards, the girls and I came home and enjoyed leftover Vegetable chili and just relaxed (hubby was at a Portland Timbers soccer game). I headed to my terribly overgrown, badly neglected garden and picked more dahlias for inside. I love dahlias and I don't want any to go to waste. This week is looking to be a nice one so I think we'll head out to the garden and clean it up. I have pumpkins to pick and I think I'll pick some corn stalks and decorate my porch (though I know hubby will say it will be a spider magnet...he's probably right...they are in abundance). Through all the busyness of life my garden has been neglected. Oh well! We've enjoyed a decent harvest and I am not disappointed. School continues to go well and I'll begin incorporating more "life skills" for the girls. They already know and do quite a bit, but I want them to do some more cooking and maybe even learn to sew something from my MIL. I do not sew!! Last night we attended an outdoor wedding (yes, in October!!) at the Chinese Classical Gardens in Portland. It was beautiful, although very cold and it did rain a bit. I have never been to these gardens and wished it would have stayed light just a bit longer. Well, I think I hear the meeting above me ending so I'll get this posted. Life is amazing and full of adventure and joy. With Joy UNquenchable,


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