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Well I don't have as much time as I thought I'd have to post today. That seems to happen alot lately. It took me forever to upload pictures to shutterfly and facebook, which leaves me little time to post here...hmmm are my priorities mixed up? My friend Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer share this post on making Apple Pie in a Jar Yesterday I made 7 quarts of it. A friend had given me two large bags of apples and I couldn't wait to try this. I had some leftover syrup so I cut up a few more apples and made a yummy apple crisp (of course I had to run to the store to get ice cream). My solution for not keeping it in the house for long? Invite friends over. My father in law and another friend came and gladly gobbled it up with us. Thanks Sandy for the wonderful recipe!! My garden is about at it's end and today I picked 23 pounds of tomatoes....guess what I'm making tomorrow (oh, which reminds me I'm supposed to be looking up recipes while down here at the church...hmmmm not going to happen)...I'm going to can spaghetti sauce!!! Yummy!!! I'll try to get pics and post my results....someday! The remainder of the girls school should arrive tomorrow and we will officially start Wednesday. I think we'll something "unofficial" tomorrow. My back is 99% better. Just little tightness. I'm hoping to exercise tomorrow....Lord knows I need it. I took the girls last week to what we call the "bottoms" (farmland along the river) and took several pictures. I'll try to get some up....someday! Well it sounds like my daughter is done with her small group here at the church so I better wrap this up. I miss all of you and my daily visits. Hopefully if the internet company stays true to their word maybe I'll have it again this fall or winter....wouldn't that be grand!! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Canning is one of those things I can't wait to learn how to do!


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