Well friends I wa seriously hoping to get on a computer to write a REAL post but I have not had time. I've been crazily shipping all my eBay sales and that took a lot of time running up and down from house to church to finalize things on eBay and paypal. I'm also bidding on things via my phone.

I did talk to my previous Internet company and they are going to try raising the tower above us this fall...so maybe I'll be up and going again in a few months.

I am in the process of canning tomatoes. I'm not getting enough at one time for sauce but I'm just cubing them instead. I tend to mainly us them in this form so I'm okay with it.

I am planning on heading out to the pumphouse and pulling down my fall decor.

Hopefully I will have some time tonight or tomorrow to post. Must go do tomatoes now!!




  1. are buying and selling on ebay? i'm considering buying at garage sales and trying to sell on craigslist. we really need the extra money....plus, i love to thrift shop :)

    have a great weekend....

  2. I've bought some school books on ebay, and I've also sold the girls old books there as well. After fees I probably only really made about $300 but that's good.


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