Well friends I am flat on my back at home. I threw it out yesterday and have been miserable since! I went to the chiropractor yesterday and will go again tomorrow...I was trying to escape a spider! I HATE spiders and this one, in my eyes was a biggie! Remind me never to do that again!!

Last night I hosted a bridal shower at our home. Thankfully we had the house cleaned and set up before I threw my back out, and I was merely hosting it, not putting it on so I didn't have to do much! It was so fun hosting in my home again even if I was under the weather.

This is not the first time I've throwny back out but it hasn't been this bad in a long time! A friend is bringing us a meal, my MIL brought me ibuprofen and muscle rub. My Nan took good care of me today before going to soccer practice.

Now I'm laying here in bed watching Ever After and considering taking a nap.

I have purchased all the girls school and as soon as it gets here we will begin. I still need to find a foreign language for Kat (she wants to learn Russian), and a computer science program. Any suggestions?

Well I'm off to try to take a nap!! Be blessed



  1. Bummer :(. I hope you start feeling better soon! That stinks!!!


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