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I feel so out of touch with Bloggy reality. It's sad really. I miss keeping up with everyone, I miss visits from wonderful people. I cannot wait for the internet issue to be solved (still not sure when that will be). Until then I'll pop on and in when I can and hope no one has forgotten me. Yesterday (actually now it's friday, so his birthday was on monday) was hubby's 40th birthday. We celebrated (last) Saturday with a party at the lake surrounded by 40+ friends. What a good time we all had. And he made a killing with gift cards.
This was only a handful of them.
I made him an ice cream cake on Monday. It was so easy to put together. I simply made two round chocolate cakes. After I removed them from the pan, I wrapped them in foil (after they had cooled) and placed them in the freezer. I then lined one pan with foil and spread the ice cream in it. I then placed that pan in the freezer. I left both in for about 4 hours and before I was ready to serve I removed them, layered them, frosted it and then we enjoyed it. My in-laws, along with my brother in law came over and joined us. I even won my MIL at Hand and Foot...this is a serious
The girls and I went to Craft Warehouse and after browsing made these "FREE" crafts. Super cute glitter magnets. They didn't even take 5 minutes to make. When I have some time I'll post how we made them. I drooled over all these things. I love decorating and all the seasons. Now that I have my own house again I'm hoping I'll be able to decorate more....gee if only things didn't cost money. Well I must jet! I'm throwing this in last minute (it's only been sitting as a draft for the past several days). With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Happy birthday to your husband. My son's 15th birthday is today.

    It looks like you had a great birthday gathering! What fun!

    I made a cake similar to that, using Angel Food Cake layers and sherbet layers and frosted with whipped cream.


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