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I'm sitting here in the church office NOT looking at homeschool material, which is what I SHOULD be doing and what I came down to DO!! I have been looking, but I've also been distracted by the other things I WANT to do online...Yep, still no internet at home and it's not looking purty. I need a creative miracle, or a lot of money!! I have not ordered any school curriculum and there's only a few weeks left in August. I know what I want to use for English and Math for both girls, but nothing else. They would love to try something different for history, science and health, but I can't seem to find anything that jumps out at me. Kat is tired of every year seeming to read about the same things over and over. I got to this point last year and just went back to what we've always used...Abeka, for those three subjects. What do you all use? Well, I suppose I should get back to looking (sigh), I'll try and pop back in later this week. Kat has a tournament this weekend, so we'll see what happens. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. We used to use Abeka for Science, but last year we switched to Bob Jones science and my kids love it. We did 3rd and 6th science last year and are doing 4th and 7th this year. It is a lot like Abeka, but I think they make science much more interesting. My girls like it so much better and I think they are learning more because they enjoy it more.

  2. I've used mainly Abeka in the past. I also used used "Learning through Lang. Arts." It's pretty good :) There are so many resources out there. It's overwhelming. Good luck! :)

  3. I use Teaching Textbooks for Algebra and Switched on Schoolhouse for everything else.

    Hope you get it soon! Internet, too!

  4. Why not go off the grid for a while Kirstin and let them pick their interest in History and Science and let them research it? Let them go to the library and explore! It can be very fun to just let them go on a subject for a while. That will give you time to find a curiculum and give them a new experience too for a few months.

  5. Why don't you do a study of another country (like Australia, hint, hint), then E and I could supply materials.



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